Sunday, December 27, 2009

Local Animal Rights Activist Faces Legal Charges

Local Animal Rights Activist, Jasmine Malina De La Torre, was recently subpoenaed before a court on the grounds of legal protest activity associated with the "foie gras" campaign. She is being accused of stalking, vandalism, assault, and slander. Some of these charges are due to actions that she did not even participate, and others are due to legal protest tactics that are proven to be effective. We must be there to support her in her time of need for being dedicated to advocating for the animals. Her next court date is on Monday, December 28,2009 at 9:30 am at #18 3055 Cleveland Avenue Santa Rosa, California. There will be a group of her supporters doing court solidarity for her. Hope to see you there! Thank You!

People for Animal Liberation (PAL)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vote for the Stupidest Comment of the Week

These are comments we have gotten from the DRUNKEN opposition at Foie Gras demos in Healdsburg:
1." You think your so fancy with your big shoes!"
2. "Look at you! You are ugly, You are ugly people. You look like Ragamuffins!"
3. Stop picking on the little guy, why don't you go after big corporations like Mc Donalds."
4. " I don't eat pork, but I eat foie gras"
5. " I was not drinking (eyes all red smells like beer) Shut up you b***ch."

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Call to action boycott and email writing/phone calls to Cyrus Restaurant

Foie gras is the fattened livers of ducks and geese due to forcefeeeding usually through a long metal pipe down their throats. Causing them to vomit, and gag. The metal pipe gets caught in their throats and sometimes fills their lungs with blood. This is really cruel.

Please send Douglas Keane, the chef at cyrus restaurant and email asking him to remove foie gras from the menu at

Also call the restaurant saying that you will boycott their restaurant until they remove foie gras from the menu. Than you. 707.433.3311

Cyrus Restaurant targeted by protest due to their sale of foie gras

Animal Rights Demonstrators convince Dry Creek Kitchen to remove foie gras

The manager at Dry Creek Kitchen promised animal rights demonstrators that he will not serve foie gras, due to animal cruelty concerns. The Activists demonstrated at the front of the restaurant for a month and a half. The restaurant began losing profits and people refused to eat there. The animal rights movement in Sonoma County is beginning to step up, and be direct in the face of animal abuse.

Foie Gras Protests at Dry Creek Kitchen Escalate pressure

Dry Creek Kitchen a restaurant that serves foie gras in Healdsburg. Is beginning to feel the heat. Animal Rights Activists from People for Animal Liberation and In Defense of Animals, have been protesting in front of their restaurant ever Friday and Saturday. They say " Nothing will stop us we won't leave until they remove this cruelty from the menu" -anonymous